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Go Big or Go Home! Big Bang Memes on Me

Bahahaha So true! People say, Go big or go home! As if going home is such a bad thing. Hell yeah I wanna go home. Mom makes me lunch and cleans up after my mess, while I play video games and hangout with friends and drink pop all day. Lifes good, I'm never leaving Mama and Papa! #follow #love #like #share Memes on Me

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Everybody is falling in love. And I be like this, look on my face. #love #funny #face #follow

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Hey, y'all got any Cornbread? Funny llama photo and meme #funny #like #share

Chinese Paper and Vellum Lanterns

Download the Lantern Patterns Here
After you have downloaded the pattern files visit Craft Room Tutorials for more great crafting Idea's. I will show you step by step how to make many different types of paper craft and vellum lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for outdoor spring and summer BBQ gatherings. The hanging decor adds a fantastic touch for candles hung inside of lanterns in the backyard trees.