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Office Potluck Prank for Vegans

Hello my raw vegan friends, Justice was finally served today to all my animal fat lovers and dairy eating coworkers, along with upper management! I can't even begin to tell you how many company parties, meetings, luncheons and picnics I've attended to find no healthy food option to eat. Yep, it's always the same old sugar, salted and fried something or other's, food us vegans just despise and would not touch with a ten foot pole. You know the food I'm talking about! Well guess what? Not this time, nope! Boxes and boxes of full, raw, pure, Organic Vegetables! #raw #organic #vegan #vegetarian

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Chinese Paper and Vellum Lanterns

Download the Lantern Patterns Here
After you have downloaded the pattern files visit Craft Room Tutorials for more great crafting Idea's. I will show you step by step how to make many different types of paper craft and vellum lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for outdoor spring and summer BBQ gatherings. The hanging decor adds a fantastic touch for candles hung inside of lanterns in the backyard trees.