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Office Potluck Prank for Vegans

Hello my raw vegan friends, Justice was finally served today to all my animal fat lovers and dairy eating coworkers, along with upper management! I can't even begin to tell you how many company parties, meetings, luncheons and picnics I've attended to find no healthy food option to eat. Yep, it's always the same old sugar, salted and fried something or other's, food us vegans just despise and would not touch with a ten foot pole. You know the food I'm talking about! Well guess what? Not this time, nope! Boxes and boxes of full, raw, pure, Organic Vegetables! #raw #organic #vegan #vegetarian

Man Gets Rescued by Firefighters From Giant Vagina Art

An American exchange student gets rescued by Firefighters who was gobbled up by a vagina sculpture. How and why do you get stuck in a giant vagina? - WTF #wtf #student #meme

Little Guy Peeps Out Little Window In Fence Line

The little guy peeping out the little window. Bahahaha! #lol #funny #photoftheday #dog

Kittens Malfunction Quantum Computer to Save the World

Kittens malfunction quantum computer to save the world from transhumanism. #kittens #follow #GoVegan #awake #robots #drone Follow @ashersocrates

Marry Somebody Special - Who Hates You Favorite Cereal

Marry someone who has a diffrent favorite cereal than you so they won't eat all of yours! #meme

How to Keep Cheesy Garlic Bread in the House

Teens eat truck loads of garlic cheese bread. Keep them smiling with clear skin. #skincare #cheese #teens #memes

Caring Is Sharing My Spirit Animal

Don't F*?K Care Bear - If you want to be a spirit animal you can be one today! Its your time to be the thing you always wanted to become. Live Free non - binary friends #gmo #GoVegan #love

Lost In Translation Cats Find Memes

If you can translate this for me I would enjoy laughing today!

Officer Jokes and Memes

Oh, I get it!

Dogs and Pets are Family

Funny memes about our loving family pets. #love #like #follow #share

Today - I will be as useless as the Word "G" in Lasagna

Fun words and letters that really make no sense Today. Like the useless letter "G" in Lasagna!

Not Enough Crayon in the Day Quotes

Top Hilarious Quotes found on Pin Board. I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you. Follow @ashersocrates

Selfie Groupie Can't Ignore Camera

dog can't ignore the camera in photograph. Put out a huge shit eating grin! #meme

Forever Bracelet Given By Ghost During Haunting

Really scary! Boo, if this has never happened to you. You may need to find a new place to live. #ghost #haunting #like #funny #follow

I'm 40 Years Old and Still Living at Home

My mom went grocery shopping and literally didn't get me any food for the week, and we didn't go back to get me food until like three days after. I'm 40 years old and living at home

Wine Aisle At The Grocery Store - Funny Wine Quotes

Me: Umm hi. How much is the rent for this amazing apartment? "Ma'am, this is the wine aisle of the grocery store! #wine #funny #meme Follow @ashersocrates

Find Some Pants and Dignity After Drinking

When I drink, I find I don't need things. Like a Bra, or Pants or dignity. #meme #funny #quotes

Guy Becomes His Cat For A Day - Cat Dies From Fear

Tastefully Offensive Cat and Human Jokes. Dream big non-binary friends #gmo #goVegan #love #follow #like

HD 1080p Desktop Wallpapers - Funny

This should have been Safari as the desktop wallpaper #apple #iphone #mirosoft #funny

When You Feel Lost It Means You're On The Right Path

Just because my path is diffrent doesn't mean I'm Lost #lost #path #life

Baby Don't Herd Me Funny Fashion Pop Sheep

What is Love? Funny Valentines Day Card- I laughed so hard!! #funny #meme

Will You Go To Prom With Me Questions

Katie is going places, not to prom but places... Circle your answer no #prom

This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Dangerous fun... Once I wanted to jumped into the pool from my roof... I missed the pool and broke my arm and leg... I can't wait to do it again!!

Trash Can Flying High In Huge Food Fight

XTREMELY Funny Pictures here at Memes On Me. Follow for more

Its A Booby Trap

Being a great companion animal to human beings, cat are almost found everywhere in the world. They can make you laugh. #cat #cats #memes

When You Slam Your Foot On The Coffee Table

when you slam your foot on the coffee table...or on the desk chair...or on the end of the bed.... Share yours in the comments!!!!!

Learn How To Float

How To Float #meme

Business Success Quotes and Memes

Wise Success Quotes by Asher Socrates -Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @ashersocrates

I Never Lose I Win or I Learn

Positive Quotes #Positive #Sayings #funny #meme #learn #love

Find A Way With No Excuses | Fitness Quotes and Goals

Kick butt on your goals! Follow Memes on Me! #quotes #memes #fitness

An Adventure Is Good For Your Spirit Mind Body

Find the best travel quotes to inspire you! Get encouraged and follow Memes on Me! #follow #love #life