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Rare Black Crystal Skull

Black Crystal Skull Collection
The worlds most amazing crystal skulls carved by hand out of rare quartz, obsidian, and many other powerful and healing natural minerals. Learn the secrets and knowledge of the ancient Mayan who used the powerful crystals to awaken the spirit, body and mind. Use the power of crystal skulls daily to harness and become aware of the natural energies surround us. Boost your immune system, prosperity, longevity and well-being. Black skull is available now, follow the link to Read More and Buy Now!

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Chinese Paper and Vellum Lanterns

Download the Lantern Patterns Here
After you have downloaded the pattern files visit Craft Room Tutorials for more great crafting Idea's. I will show you step by step how to make many different types of paper craft and vellum lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for outdoor spring and summer BBQ gatherings. The hanging decor adds a fantastic touch for candles hung inside of lanterns in the backyard trees.