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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with color changing LED lights. This travel speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled device to play personal music collections and online steaming movies and videos Buy Now!
Early Italian Nuclear Testing!
Mushroom cloud colorized, 1957 #italian #pizza
Number One Best Seller How Not to Die!
The absolute facts regarding the food you eat and your Health. A must read book for everyone! Fight the war against cancer and Heart Attacks. From the physician Dr. Michael Greger who is know for his popular website where you will find a library of important health facts and dietary advice regarding your personal health Read more...

Bacon | The New Sorry

I'm sorry I slapped you in the face, twice when I was drunk. There's Sorry, and then there's Bacon Sorry.

Use the Force iPhone and Galaxy Weapons

Star Wars Future of Smartphones, iPhone 20 and Samsung Galaxy s 23.

Domo Looking Cats Do Exists

It Exists! Is this a hamster or a fat cat!$@# ?

Best Handmade Wooden Framed Sunglasses That Float

Look At My Fluffy Butt | Small Funny Dog Pictures

Look at my fluffy butt.. LOOK AT IT!

I'm In Shape! Getting Fit Humor

Of Course I'm in Shape! Round is a shape.. Getting fit isn't always easy.