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DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Table Setting

 Floating Candles

DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Table Setting

Here is a very simple yet elegant diy Christmas candle you can make for about $6 bucks. This project is fun and keeps your holiday gift buying funds available for family and friends. Place this simple holiday decoration around the house and as a center piece for the family dinner table. Clear mason jars make a beautiful candle or floating votive with plump red cranberries surrounding the candle. Using a festive colored bow or ribbon will add the perfect finishing touch to this candle arrangement. I put a few of these together for gift giving and placed a small note on how to set the candle up. All of my friends and family really enjoyed the idea and asked if I would be giving out mason jar candles again this Holiday season!

Here is the Item list to get started making these Candle Mason Jars:

Buy a couple of Mason jars in a couple of different sizes
A couple of packages of floating candles
Colorful Ribbon or Bows
Wax cranberries or fresh cranberries

How to Assemble the Candles:

Apply the the colorful ribbon  of your choice around the jars the mason jar (ex: use hot glue for an extra hold).
Place cranberries in the jar
Fill the jar with water about  2/3 full

Place the floating candle on top and light when ready

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