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I'm indulging today. It's not the end of the world!

Keep Calm and Carry On... I'm indulging today! It's not the end of the world!! Looking forward to all the holiday food that is about to be place on my family's table in the next couple of months.

French Bulldog Halloween Costume Contest

COME VOTE FOR ME ON FACEBOOK- Click on my picture to Vote! I'm Walter and I am a French Bulldog in my flying monkey costume. This Halloween my fairy Grandmother made me this very special monkey getup and I'm feeling really good about it.

Last Minute Where's Waldo Halloween Costume Kit

Find Where's Waldo Halloween Costume Kit
Here is a quick and easy last minute Halloween costume that is fun and cheap. This red and white long sleeve sweeter and matching beanie comes in an all in one costume kit for everything you need. And to top it all off is also includes Waldo's signature eye glasses. This last minute costume idea is sure to get you laughs and into your Halloween costume party. This official licensed Waldo Costume come in all sizes XL, Large, Medium and small. 
Elope Where's Waldo Costume Kit