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Nail DIY:Frankenstein Fingernails

Learn how the pros paint nails with Halloween themed monsters. Follow this easy step by step video tutorial

Nail Art Essentials Featuring the Worlds Best Fingernails

Nail Art Essentials features the worlds best fingernail Artist- Nail art work is a fast growing popular pastime and profession. Many fingernail artist have new and exciting designs that we feature daily at Nail Art Essentials. Come seen the hottest trends, products, designs, and meet the top professionals in the beauty industry.
Nail Art Essentials

Medical Exam Time

 Medical Exam Time... Tomorrow!

We're Having An Exam...


Hello Kitty Gone Mad


This Hello Kitty Car interior is way over the top for fans of this brand. Look at all the pink toys and accessories!

Zombie Brains for Walking Dead Fans!

Walking Dead Fans
Brains, brains, brains, and more brains!

Typewriting While Driving

We still can't get it right after all these years.

Iron Man vs R2D2 Cosplay

R2D2 Iron Man Vs Star Wars Cosplay

Smell My Fishy Fingers

Smelly Stink finger

Cafe Mocha Vodka Valium Humor

Cafe Mocha Vodka Valium, Please!

Today in Politics

Yip! Today's politics, same old thing... Go Trump!

Biggest Headache Humor

Biggest Headache Humor!

You Just Sober Up Humor

You Just Sober Up. I got This.

Don't Post Food On Intagram

Funny foodie post about Don't Post Food On Intagram!
You Can Eat Without Posting It On Instagram.

Dumb Girl Poses Like a Selfish Little Girl!

Dude! His poses are a like a selfish little girl. Really! We all seen this a million times before on Social Media.

I Don't Always Have Loud Violent Sex

I Don't Always Have Loud Violent Sex- But when I do, Its outside your window.

Gangster Raised In A Gated Community In Santa Clarita

Raised In The Streets of Santa Clarita Yo Yo Gangster Raised In A Gated Community causes trouble at Town Center!

School Yard Buster Hates His Alphabet

Old School Bully hates his is ABC's and is stressing out with cigarettes! Get on the patch dude! Life is hard for them Millennial's and Lib's. Don't -cha ya know?

Coffee Lover Jokes Drink Coffee To Drink More

Drink Coffee, to get Energy, to Drink More Coffee! Just don't drink Starbucks Coffee because they are anti-American.

Death Wish For Little Chihuahua Puppy

This dog better watch out! This looks like a Fail about to Happen. Look at that sweet face on that little Chihuahua!!!

The Internet is Forever Never Ever Do This!

WTF! Never do this, EVER!

Crazy Cat With Empty Bowl

Look at this wacky kitty kat! Crazy Cat With Empty Bowl

Funny Boxer Dog Dude What Happened!

Funny Boxer Dog Dude What Happened!

Old Grandma Phone With Grandchildren

Old Granny Telephone

Bowling Strike Power Blaster Iron Man Strike

Funny Bowling Strike Power Blater Iron Man Strike

Louis Vuitton Handbag

Funny Homemade Louis Vuitton Handbag