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I Love My Beagle Doormat | Personalize It!

I Love My Beagle Doormat | Personalize It!
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Did Not Get the Memo-Batman Party Canceled!

In a World of Princesses, be Batman! Or read the memo that the stated the Batman party would be canceled and the Disney Princess Party would commence!! #office #lunch #joke #school #party #princess #batman

I Love My Beagle Doormat | Personalize It!

I Love My Beagle Doormat| Personalize It! $32.30
A grand welcoming personalized front doormat by MiniBrothers

Go Big or Go Home! Big Bang Memes on Me

Bahahaha So true! People say, Go big or go home! As if going home is such a bad thing. Hell yeah I wanna go home. Mom makes me lunch and cleans up after my mess, while I play video games and hangout with friends and drink pop all day. Lifes good, I'm never leaving Mama and Papa! #follow #love #like #share Memes on Me

Top 10 Worlds Best Fidget Spinner

What the Fidget is going on? Need to channel your nervous energy in a healthy good way? We put together the Top 10 Best Fidget Spinners for you to save you soul. #fidgetspinner

#1. Ultimate Neo Chrome Matrix Spinner
High quality brazed anodized titanium max spinner. Fit well in your fingers and spins for eternity

 #2. Fastest LED Fidget Spinner
Super fast glowing LED light toy spins like crazy! Wow, this one is really fun to play with in the dark or low lighting.

#3. Black Knight Wicked Spinner
Dark and Dangerous abs black plastic fidget spinner. A smooth and fun sound get going from this ball bearing spinner.

 #4. Alien Ship Spinner
 Zero point gravity spinner is cool. Spins on the tip of a finger for a very long time. Quality made metal spinner.

#5. The Machine Fidget Toy
The best killer of time come from the working gear mechanisms that place the mind into a tranquil state.

#6. Ceramic Bearing Alloy Spinner
The alloy brushed metal spinner is smooth and quiet with it's ceramic b…

Finally We Discover Why Cars Have Nice Handles

Spoiler alert: they're not for that! Those are for picking up the car and moving it! #photooftheday

King Clogs The Dog -Throne Fashion

It's Called Dog Fashion! He's king of the homestead! #funny #dog #pets #love #like #follow #share